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Our Leather

We source our leather from some of the top tanneries in Pakistan which have long history of exporting to leather apparel and goods brands all over the world. These tanneries are certified for following the best practices in production including eco-friendly manufacturing.

The leather that we use does not contain any harmful chemicals, pigments or sealants. It is either vegetable tanned or made using water soluble dyes and natural oils and waxes. Details on this leather are given below.


Full-grain crazyhorse (pull-up) leather
Hide Buffalo
Thickness 1.7-1.9 mm (full-grain)
Texture Smooth, with some natural blemishes and wrinkles
Color Tan, hazelnut brown (two-toned)
Ageing Scratches and scruffs show easily, develops a rich patina and shine quickly
Water resistance Low (gains some resistance with use and after patina formation)


Vegetable-tanned leather (two-tone, plated)

Hide Buffalo
Thickness 1.5-1.7 mm
Texture Plated, slick, oily
Color Reddish-brown, blackish-brown (two-toned)
Ageing Ages slowly
Water resistance Normal (not water-proof)


How to care for your leather

We receive a lot of queries on how to get rid of scratches and signs of wear from our products. First, it is important to understand that visible traces of wear and patina development appear quickly and strongly on pull-up and crazyhorse leather. This is by design, and it is what gives the product the desired vintage look.

However, we also recommend applying a good quality leather wax or conditioner on your leather product every three to four months. This has many benefits; from getting rid of dryness and leaving the leather looking soft and supple to reducing the appearance of marks and scratches to making the leather more durable by making it more resistant to water and other elements of nature. Think of leather wax and conditioner as moisturizer for your skin - they serve the same purpose. 

Amazon and AliExpress have a great selection of leather care products that you can order. If these are not accessible to you, we recommend buying any neutral or transparent leather wax (or shoe polish) from your nearest superstore and trying it out on a corner or small and inconspicuous part of the leather. Make sure you do not get anything that is coloured or tinted. If you still have trouble finding that, you can always use some Vaseline petroleum jelly (original variant only) to nourish or water-proof your leather product. Here is what you need to do:
Using a very light damp cloth, wipe the product clean of any dirt. Then take a dab of Vaseline on your fingertip and apply it in a circular motion on a corner or inconspicuous pat of the leather. If the results look satisfactory, apply the Vaseline all over the leather in a circular motion using a soft sponge or lint-free cloth. Let the Vaseline soak in for about ten minutes and then gently wipe off any residue. Before you do this, it is a good idea to gently buff the leather using a soft brush or piece of cloth for some extra shine and to make sure the petroleum jelly is properly absorbed in to the leather. 

It is important that you do not apply force or go over the stitching during this process as it may leave a mark or make the threads lose. Also avoid getting any wax on the backside of the leather to avoid leaving a stain. The leather wax or petroleum jelly will also almost always darken the shade of the leather, at least temporarily.

Bear Necessities also offers free repairs and refurbishment of its products for life. If you feel like your bag is looking a bit lifeless, you can always courier it to us and we'll wax it for you. To avail this offer, please email us at hello@bnbags.pk or call us on 0300-8483937 (Mon to Fri: 9 AM to 5 PM) to coordinate, and then mail us your bag to the following address:
1st Floor, 140-R
PECHS Block 2,
Karachi, Pak


Is our leather water proof?

No, it is not. No leather is.

Leather can be varying degree of water resistant but no real leather can claim to be water proof. However, over time, a combination or oil, dirt and other residue which accumulates on the surface of the leather tends to make it more resistant to water.  

The best way to make your leather product more water resistant is by applying a leather water proofing product available in the form of a spray or wax on it. Regular leather waxes and conditioners also do a good job at water proofing. 

We wax all our products before shipping so you can expect some degree of water resistance. However, anything more than a few small drops can still leave a mark. In case your product gets wet, tap dry it with a towel immediately and let the remaining moisture evaporate naturally. Do not rub the wet area or apply unnatural heat.